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About RockStar Gym Kemang Village

RockStar Gym is a one stop Kids & Teens Physical Education. Founded in Indonesia in 2011  it now operates in 13 locations with over 10,000 kids and teens members. RockStar Gym works to bring Physical Education to its students and to enhance their self-confidence, social skills and physical fitness.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is that every child can be a winner. This is accomplished by:

•    Providing a wide variety of Physical Education classes
•    Stimulating music to move too
•    Movement
•    Stretching
•    Healthy tips
•    Contests
•    Competitions
•    Special events
•    Performances
•    Leadership Development
•    Education and vocational training

We have Kids & Teens Physical Education conveniently locating in Shopping Malls all over Indonesia to make it convenient and entertaining for the family to frequently attend. We offer dedicated EXPERT and Professional Instructors to safely instruct your children in all of our Genres:

•    Gymnastics
•    Sports
•    Martial Arts
•    Ballet
•    Dance
•    Yoga & Fit
•    Contemporary Dance
•    Broadway

International and local Instructors: from the USA, Russia, Brazil, and The Ukraine and from all over Indonesia.

Our facilities are state of the art with Gymnastics equipment and various accessories imported from The US and Canada. We offer a Gymnastic Program based on The USAG Jr. Olympics

RockStar Gym’s are creating long-lasting change in the lives of thousands of youth and the communities of which they are part. In all activities, strong emphasis is given to youth leadership and youth participation.

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