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About Indoor Climbing Gym - fX Sudirman

A rock climbing community, Indoclimb, in collaboration with FX Sudirman Mall is launching an extreme wall climbing facility in September which offers solid climbing system that are more natural and realistically closer to actual terrain.

This facility will occupy the mall’s atrium at the third floor with an area of 387 sq. m., with a wall height of 17,66 meters reaching all the way up to the sixth floor of the mall and a 20-meter long climbing track, featuring also a boulder wall with a total length of 30 meters and 4 meters long. Also, it will be equipped with strength and conditioning facilities, such as suspension training, weight training, monkey bars, etc.

“Our dream is to have decent sporting facilities, especially rock climbing, in the middle of the capital. I feel rock climbing is not as popular as other sports like running and cycling, and one of the causes is unavailability of climbing facilities that are easily accessible to the public,” Fedi Fianto, Founder of Indoclimb explained.

This indoor climbing gym is suitable for people of all ages, starting from kids to adults. The aim is to be able to train the dexterity and motor agility starting from early age. Various programs and classes will also be provided to enhance people’s interest and talent, such as a trip to rock climbing destinations and competitions to inspire the members. Those interested to try this adventure can take an All Day Pass system which can be used in one day, membership packages or pay IDR 150,000 per person for one visit.

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