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#LAdiBanyuwangi Part 2 by @thebabybirds .

Did you ever noticed that almost in every #rinjanibirthdaytrip, visiting national parks are mandatory? Yesterday, we paid a visit to Taman Nasional Baluran. This place is the major reason why we picked Banyuwangi this year.
Unlike other national parks where we usually do hiking, in Baluran we enjoyed the wildlife, prehistoric trees, and savanas by car. The road to and inside the park is very smooth. The weather was also really nice, made a perfect experience. Baluran is Africa van Java, they say. It is somehow true, we must say. Sadly, we weren’t lucky enough to meet the deers. But monkeys are everywhere though.

From Baluran, we went to Bangsring Underwater. The initial plan is to sail on a boat to Tabuhan Island. But the boat fare is a bit pricey, so we ended up hangout with baby shark instead. Later in the afternoon, as usual, swimming time. You know kakak, she just can’t get enough of water we started to worry if everyone in the hotel would think she’s actually a fish.
credit: @thebabybird

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